Winter 2021

Editor’s Note by Lily Nilipour.

Cover art and artist’s statement by Clara Spars.

the passenger by Lilith Frakes / When the Car Stops in Gambier Ohio by Jiyoung Jeong / Phases by Brennecke Gale / Excerpt from the photo series “By the Tracks” by Melina Walling / Express by Nadia Jo / my father’s dead dog by Angeline Truong / a selfish poem for my unsteady father by Jessica Femenias / Citrus by Clara Spars / existential allergies by Lilith Frakes / Flower Bed by Roodolphe Gouin / Dermatillomania by Via Lamberti / First Tuesday by Peter Caroline / Tennis Camp by Danny Ritz / Crunch by Peter Caroline / Untitled by Ryder Kimball / when i dreamt you nearly drowned me by Sophie Boyd-Fliegel / Untitled by Miranda Li / Untitled by Miranda Li / Untitled by Miranda Li / I Think of You Often and I Wonder if it Is Mutual. by Justin Portela / Mushrooms by Cathy Yang / A Summer Love Story by Jiyoung Jeong / sauna (Excerpt from photo series “Self exploration through weight cut”) by Gabe Dinette / This One Ends with a Paperweight by Elizabeth Grant / Souvenirs by Cat Harbour / Untitled by Ryder Kimball / Birthday Card by Sophie Boyd-Fliegel / to grow old by Aditi Limaye / Untitled by Ryder Kimball / Self Portrait 3.10.2020 by Angela Yang / Indianapolis by Justin Portela / Oregon Muslim by Nur Shelton / Dear Gypsum, this is a love letter by Brennecke Gale