Fall 2021 Poetry

Sincerely, Death

by Cassie Shaw

After centuries,
after the time and tear,
I’m worn away
from this job I bear.

Void of flesh,
I’m stripped down to the bone.
Ghosts for company;
I’m perpetually alone.

Overwhelming responsibility,
I’m forlorn as my reward.
Souls come and go, and yet,
I’m stuck here abhorred.

There’s no winning this game;
I can’t spare everyone.
Death’s a necessary evil
And it’s my job to get it done.

After this I wonder if
you’ll remain ever so headstrong,
choose not notice your denigration
by condemning me as wrong.

You want me to pick favorites.
You all want this or that.
But did you ever consider why fate
threw your name into my hat?

I follow my duty,
and I set aside my heart.
To be frank, I might not even
have that costly part.

Still, no one sees me!
Nor my actions of love,
how I send partners — if I can,
to the skies up above.

You’re blind to the bigger picture
and distracted by your reflection.
If you looked beyond yourself you’d see
the sphere that needs protection.

The world contains billions
which increases by the day.
Now consider what would happen
if Death wasn’t around to play.

Now go, be grateful,
as you take your next breath.
And pray I stay merciful.


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