Autumn 2020 Poetry

Poem to a nonsoldier where I can’t see him

by Lara Arikan

I love you.
You can keep this in your
mouth. I love you
In your wrists
Behind your eyes
I love you in your nerves
Your shin-bones.
It’s yours. And my feet are yours
Small, cold. My blood
yours. Teeth.
They bite a thousand little pearls
My kisses. I love you
In the dust of war. I love your
prostrate body, mouth pressed not
to a cross but my words, not to die
Not to die. You live with me, my parakeet,
my svelte bird, you live.
In the dust. I will say my words again
So they are clean. On your stomach
on the ground I love you. In the soldier
night I love you. At the front
men sit, male, alone,
you touch yourself because I love you.
Your throat because I love you there.
The days are moving. Come back
To my touch and the wind and the rain,
the pregnant clouds, to me.
Come back and leave your army
to watch over itself. Leave the front
When it is time, there is more 
to see yet I carry the silence 
of you there I love you.
You know. Next time you can ask
Your bones. Your bones.

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