FALL 2021

Editor’s Note by Jordan Pollock and Angela Yang

Cover art and artist’s statement by Kristie Park

After I left home by Annabelle Wang / Indulgence by Sarah Yao / Breakfast by Annabelle Wang / Afternoon in Monterey by Sarah Yao / Pack of 20 by Hannah Broderick / The Young Woman by Justin Portela / The Body by Kamilah Arteaga / Woman with Tiger by Cathy Yang / Chamberlain Park by Connor Lane / Dear Death by Cassie Shaw / Sincerely, Death by Cassie Shaw / Dredging the Pasig by M. B. / Religious Dichotomy by Sarah Yao / Pool is Closed by Emma Perkins / Room 112 by Annabelle Davis / about you, i dream anywhere by Maria Correa / Primera GeneraciĆ³n by Ximena Sanchez Martinez / waxing&waning down capital cul-de-sacs by Katherine Wong / I create myself a continental quilt by Katherine Wong