Visual Art Winter 2021

From the Artist of the Cover

by Clara Spars

This piece is meant to represent the process of finding and celebrating creativity even when inundated with worries or external pressures. COVID-19 brought about an enormous surge of stress, frustration, and grief, but for many, it also brought about an extensive period of reflection. The women portrayed in my art are physically distorted and surrounded by water, symbolizing the distress and confusion in their environments and the resulting turn toward an internal, reflective landscape. Yet, I have also tried to depict these subjects as being full of agency, dramatizing the pivot from quiet reflection to outward-facing action as they harness the power of their intellects and innovation. My internalization of the stress of the pandemic manifested itself in art and writing, as it did for many others. This issue of the Leland Quarterly emerges as a testament to the period of growth and creativity experienced by Stanford students during challenging circumstances.

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