Summer 2020

Editor’s Note by Olivia Manes and Linda Ye.

Cover art: Ocean Cosmos by Melina Walling.

Types of Still by Alexandra Crew / To the boy with the gap in his teeth by Anastasia Sotiropoulos / humor turned inside-out by Helena Silva-Nichols / Untitled by Elena Miller / Someone Told Me Once the Philly Pride Flag is “Aesthetically Displeasing” by Darnell Carson / palindromic time: Interrogating Melancholy, Ancient Neuroscience by Karen Ge / Woman carrying child, Florence by Melina Walling / The Customer by Peyton Limoges / Beginning to End by Rellie Liu / a smoot away by Anastasia Sotiropoulos / amnesia by Matt Mettias / Mother Keeps Us on a Merry-Go-Round by Darnell Carson / Untitled by Elena Miller / Untitled by Elena Miller / Buttery by Lauren Grove / Untitled by Kaitlyn Choe / August Wedding by Scott Stevens / forward-facing by Malia Maxwell / Woman on bicycle carrying package, Florence by Melina Walling