Autumn 2020 Poetry

“Yet they felt about them the deep and thoughtful quiet of winter”

by Malia Mendez

— for the unrequited

i can never answer you
at the moment you unhand your question
you remind me of the man who overbundles in boston,
and your question arrives
like your overcoat
dropping to the floor

i can never catch it —
these arms have grown tired, kid,
and the orange bottles in the junk drawer insist
i’ve grown up and maybe
it’s not a good enough excuse anymore
to say that i’ve released the balloon again

i can never keep the rings on my fingers
so i bury them in a childhood music box
Dad tells me cognition dictates sensation
How the daggers in the air only pinch
If you let them
except all i heard was the bile in his voice
and his crimson lie
you’re getting better

i can never
because these circuits only know disorder
i can never answer
“where do you go?”

“what do you see?”

because i am with you and scaling the alps,
i see your coat hit the floor

titular quote from the work of J.R.R. Tolkien

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