Fall 2021 Poetry

Dear Death

by Cassie Shaw

Coward in a cloak,
thief in the night,
infamous chair,
perpetual plight.

You stole what was mine,
Took them all away from me.
Left me not even a ghost,
just how heartless can you be?

Ruthless, you robbed me
of my future, my life;
my family gone
with a swipe of your scythe.

Their blood now stains
Your jagged edge.
So blame yourself
When I get revenge.

How did you decide their value? —
Just who are you to judge?
I pray the tables turn,
Then it’s you who’ll have a grudge.

I’m at my wits’ end,
I’ve nothing left to lose.
I’ll hunt you down, Death.
Till you pay your dues.

Face me, coward,
feel the fury behind my eyes.
Come up off your throne of bones
so I can taste your sweet demise.

Speak for your crimes,
your crippling destruction.
Repent for your sins
and mass soul abduction!

I truly can’t wait to meet you
and avenge those suffered souls.
So swing away and save my seat
to your Death upon their bones.

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