Autumn 2020

Editor’s Note by Lily Nilipour.

Cover art and artist’s statement by Catherine Wang.

Figment by Katie Han / Premonition by Lara Arikan / A Handful of Your Hair by Isabelle Edgar / Independence Day by Smiti Mittal / summer sink by Malia Mendez / looking in the mirror at vaden health center by Nestor Walters / Untitled by Catherine Wang / The Tortoise and the Harry by Cassidy McCleary / Self #6 (Red Herring) by Timothy S. Jones II / Song of a Grieving Achilles by Chaidie Petris / Eagle 20’s by Victoria Hill / Slow, Smokeless by Elias Rimer / Untitled by Ryder Kimball / Poem to a nonsoldier where I can’t seem him by Lara Arikan / What’s Left Unsaid by Sophia Kreider / Untitled by Katie Han / Untitled by Ryder Kimball / Untitled by Catherine Wang / Time Rot by Alyssa LaTray / Crossed Paths by Lauren Grove / purple hour by Katie Han / “Yet they felt about them the deep and thoughtful quiet of winter” by Malia Mendez / i do what i can from where i am by Michelle Cai / your face by Nestor Walters