Poetry Summer 2020

Types of Still

Head resting on my left arm,
the sun pales the graphite sky,
the ocean begins to gleam.

I roll to the right, my arm
scraping sheets chilled 
like an ocean too low
in temperature to sustain life.

I return to face the ocean,
sit cross-legged on the gray floor,
and light incense pulled
from beneath the bed.

Eyes closed, palms up on knees,
I breathe. Meditation smoothing
the surface of my mind to mirror
the ocean, silver and sublime.

Bells chime, returning me
to my body, my morning. 
I call Keira’s name.
Claws click and echo
off dawn-lit family portraits
still waiting to be warmed

by the missing, matching bodies:

daughters and a husband


Summer 2020 Visual Art

Ocean Cosmos

Summer 2020

Editor’s Note

From the start of our time as Editors in Chief of Leland Quarterly, we knew it would be a challenge — yet this year proved to be challenging in ways neither of us (or anyone, for that matter) could have anticipated. From navigating remote learning to witnessing a global pandemic, we’ve had to adapt to a new way of living.

We recognize that this time has been especially difficult for Black students on our campus. Leland Quarterly stands in solidarity with the BLM movement and those protesting anti-Black racism across the globe. We know that we have not done enough to condemn the systemic injustices faced by members of the Black community, and we are committed to further educating ourselves and the LQ community on these issues and amplifying Black voices on our campus through art and writing.

Amidst this all, we’ve been inspired by the resilience of our readers and our contributors. During a time of fear, anger, and a great deal of uncertainty, LQ hopes to provide a way to reflect, and more importantly, to come together as an artistic community in uplifting voices from all backgrounds.

We are deeply grateful for the tireless work and support of our editorial staff throughout this school year. Thank you to our brilliant editors Angela and Lily Z. for working one-on-one with our contributors and always providing sharp and thoughtful feedback. Thank you to Malia and Adriana for their enthusiasm and valuable contributions to the team — we look forward to having them on board next year.

And finally, a thank you to Lily N. for her unwavering dedication and commitment to LQ — without her, the past LQ publications would not have been possible. We are thrilled to have her spearhead Leland Quarterly next year as Editor in Chief and have full confidence that she will take our community to new heights. And of course, a huge thank you to our contributors — your art and writing moves and motivates us on the daily.